The Tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary – No Rules in My House Tonight …


I never thought I was going to think about Sandy again, but unfortunately it is happening.  In the middle of my Christmas baking I received the terrible news about the shooting in Connecticut at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The rest of the afternoon went between my baking and thinking about why all these shootings are happening. 

I thought about the parents of these children and my anxiety became worse.  At 3:00pm  I was there in the school gym. I saw my kids and I realized how important it is to live every little moment that you have with your family.

Tonight we had comfort food, not all seated at the table as usual, but on paper plates walking and watching the news.  There were no rules tonight in my house, no time to be upset, or angry or sad.  We played and played and played.  Right now, as I type I can see my kids falling asleep on our bed. 

Today was one of the happiest day in my life because I got to go get my kids from school… and I learned how to make cake pops for them…


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